Mission Statement

Empowered Living Inc. we seeks to create a space for change by exercising awareness and accountability on the journey to healing.

Why Empowered Living Inc. was established? 


Empowered Living Inc (ELI) was established because we believe it is important to meet the client where they are, normalize the therapeutic process, and addressing the client's needs holistically. In establishing Empowered Living Inc., they have created an alternative for individuals to acknowledge the need for change in their life. ELI specifically looks at issues surrounding depression, anxiety, sexuality, grief/loss, and life transition. Clients are given an opportunity to address these issues through counseling, workshops, groups, retreats, conferences and/or community enrichment activities. We invite you to begin your journey of awareness with us.


Explanation of our logo

The symbol in the logo for Empowered Living Inc. (ELI) is called a Tabono. Tabono is an ancient African symbol that means “paddles.” This symbol represents strength and perseverance. Empowered Living Inc. believes that these qualities are important in becoming your authentic self and are a foundational components of change.