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Introducing my new journal, Poetic Portions- a creative writing journal. This journal is meant to inspire your creative outpouring of self-reflection and self-love. Take a deep dive into what makes you uniquely you. Poetry can be a great outlet for emotions and can help you express yourself within the lines you create. Try writing your own poetry to help you express your feelings.


Poetic Portions is a good starting point to jump-start your creativity. Within the journal, you will find ample writing pages, writing prompts, and a couple of poems written by the author Athena Salisbury, CEO of Goddess Adorn. Goddess Adorn was created as a self-love company that focuses on customers feeling the highest level of love for one-self. From creative writing to uniquely crafted jewelry, the goal is to make you feel the best version of yourself possible. Begin the journey of self-love by writing your first poem or descriptive memoir. You may be surprised at how cleansing and clarifying it can be.


Enjoy, feel connected to yourself and the world around you. Let's take this journey of self-love together. Happy writing and don't forget to like, share, and subscribe @goddessadornme on all social media outlets.


Poetic Portions: Creative Writing Journal

SKU: 9781737271741
$26.95 Regular Price
$21.95Sale Price
Expected to ship mid-March
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