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Not Enough?

There aren’t enough hours in the day…..there’s more month then I have money….I don’t get enough sleep….not enough exercise….I don’t eat enough or right…..

How often in a day, week, and/or month do we talk/complain about not having enough of something. I know personally, I’m guilty of feeling like I don’t have enough of various things. The problem with this scarcity mentality is we actually DO have enough (Most of the time, there are always exceptions), but don’t manage our resources well. Let’s look at money.

Most of us, if we were to right down where ALL of our money goes (down to the penny) we could find areas to save. There are countless articles, workshops, classes, conferences, and books that show how to find extra money. A simple Google search of “ways to make money” produces 45,800,000 results. One for “ways to save money” produces 80,500,000 results. With all this knowledge and resources, why don’t we have enough money? Is it because we don’t want to be discipline to make the changes? For example, why are we surprised when life happens, when in all actuality good stewards prepare for life to happen? We all know something is going to breakdown, why not prepare for it? Now trust me, I’m guilty of this, but have been trying to make changes, but by no means is it an easy process. When I go down that not enough road, I must put things in perspective.

One, I waste money. Let’s just call it what it is. Second, I remind myself how blessed I am. According to, it is estimated that there were 896 million people, in developing countries that live on $1.90/day or less ($76/week before taxes with a 40 hours work week). The federal minimum wage is $7.25 ($290/week before taxes with a 40 hours work week). Several of us are blessed to make more $76/$290 in a day (Some of us can make $76/$290 in less than an hour.).

Overall, I recognize there are several reasons that contribute to our lack thereof. In a perfect world, there wouldn’t be discrepancies due to silly things like sex, race, greed/selfishness, or systematically infringements. My point simply is, work on the things we can work on. Some of us don’t call our stuff what it is or just make excuses. So….I have a challenge. For the next 30 days:

  1. Track what you lack. For example, if its money write down where every dollar (and penny) goes. If its time, track your time in small increments such as 1 hour or less.

  2. Find at least one way to make changes.

  3. Write down and post your action plan.

  4. Find a way to give back to other.

Go to our website and tell us what you did and/or discovered. Let’s start a dialogue and help each other!

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