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Let’s face it. It’s now 2014 and our society as a whole is more sexually charged than it’s ever been. There is truly no denying this fact. Sex sells and has become a major focus in our movies, music, television shows, books and social media sites. Premarital sex, an act that can cause life changing and devastating emotional and physical consequences, is now viewed as casually as video games, cooking and exercising. It has undoubtedly become a cultural norm in the eyes of most people in today’s society. During this brief composition, my aim is to speak to single (unmarried) young adult Christians, particularly between the ages of 25-30. Hopefully these words will challenge us to examine our collective and personal mind state(s) and reveal to us whether or not our thinking reflects a true faith in God. I pondered the following questions while scripting this piece: Is it easier for singles with no children to become entangled in sexual immorality? Is it harder to abstain from fornicating if you do have kids? Is it even possible to be single in a sex-crazed environment and still abstain from sex? Is God ok with us after we have fallen? How should we deal with these feelings and urges? Ponder these questions for a brief moment...

Guest Blogger: Marvin Rhodes Jr.


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